Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing

Optimize Current Operations. Launch New Projects.

As the world started to rely on technology, high demand on software and application development became a trend to the global market. Similarly, offshore IT Services became a trend in the industry due to IT professionals’ shortage with the right skills in web design, network configuration, management security, technical support, and program development.

In the past, offshore services were mainly centered on goods and customer support. However, in 2017, IT services dominated the top offshored services worldwide, with software application development taking 64% of the most outsourced IT functions worldwide.

Scope of IT Outsourcing Services

Infrastructure Support

IT infrastructure support services aim at ensuring stability and high performance of your on-premises, cloud or hybrid IT environment. To keep your infrastructure highly reliable, and proactively improved.

Quality Assurance Services

Our Quality Assurance services will help you establish concrete control over your product’s life cycle, monitor every development stage, solid software on time and give you accurate product quality information.

Cyber Security Services

Our CS service back your organization with years of experience working on projects for some of the world’s largest organizations. Expertise on demand to support your projects or as you implement technical controls.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration services help to reduce physical resource requirements, expenditures and increase productivity for your organization. With proven methodologies and approaches, suitable solutions for your business needs.

Cloud App Development

Cloud app development implies building apps that run in the cloud and may leverage cloud features and services offered by cloud. Reliably delivers cloud-native and cloud-only apps that efficiently employ all cloud capabilities.

Remote Work Consulting

Remote work consulting helps companies transit their teams to a work-from-home mode. Tasked to enable remote work within an organization to preserve business continuity and empower employees to work productively and securely.


Outsource IT Services with the Most Talented Engineers in the Industry

Outsourcing has become a global phenomena brought about by the evolution of the world’s economy. Offshore outsourcing is currently looked upon as a value enhancer that helps organizations to streamline their core operations at a significant cost advantage. The key to successfully outsourcing of your projects lies in your choice of an experienced outsourcing service provider who can satisfy the critical business and technical criteria that match your expectations.

We are well defined and tested processes have enabled us to transition into offering a wide range of outsourcing services by sustaining the same quality, effectiveness and responsiveness that define our outsourcing services standards. With our unique offshore business model, we are proficient to produce predictable quality and measurable results through our defined processes.

Cooperation Models We Support

Staff Augmentation

Revenue growth from new IT-based business initiatives minimize operational costs while maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Self-Managed Team

Get a self-managed team by IIT Consulting Services Team Lead to carry out your IT initiative. Functional department within which they work.

Full Outsourcing

We take care of your specific IT function(s) with full responsibility and running them efficiently in a high service level, high-quality manner.

Let us improve your business!

By outsourcing IT services, any organization can shift its focus towards its core competencies and obtain otherwise unavailable resources. This way, the in-house IT staff? if there is one? has some weight taken off their shoulders, allowing them to tackle other critical issues.